quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

The machines of self-management have been switched on!

David Harvey, Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis, John Holloway, Silvia Federici, George Caffentzis, Sergio Tischler, David Graeber, Raúl Zibechi, Giorgio Agamben, Mag Wompel (labournet.de) Direct your solidarity statements or questions to protbiometal@gmail.com Any contribution is helpful! The struggle for self-management of Vio.Me. The workers of Vio.Me., a building materials factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, which was abandoned by its owners, have been unpaid since May 2011. By decision of their general assembly they have decided to occupy the factory and operate it under direct democratic workers’ control. After a year-long struggle that has attracted attention and solidarity in Greece and worldwide, they are kick-starting production on February 12, 2013, after 3 days of intense mobilization. What can you do to help? - Spread the message! Forward this information to your friends, contacts and organizations. Our shield against repression is our connection with society! The secret to our success are strong community links! - Contribute economically! The costs of production are high and the first few months will be critical. The workers have a solid business plan and are very optimistic about the success of the endeavor, however it will take some time before they are consolidated in the market. Let´s all contribute to making it happen! Use the "Donate" button above, any amount is useful! - Organize in your workplace, your neighbourhood, your town! Promote real social self-management without the need for intermediaries, professional politicians or bureaucrats! Form cooperatives and neighborhood assemblies, protect the commons, promote a new civilization based on proximity, mutual recognition and solidarity! - Direct any questions or solidarity statements to Thessaloniki's Open Solidarity Initiative at protbiometal@gmail.com. The workers will be happy to feel the warmth of solidarity coming from abroad! Past Mobilizations Links Vio.Me. Workers' Union (GR) The Working World (EN,ES) Zanon FaSinPat (ES) The Take Documentary (EN) Lavaca - Argentina (ES) WorkersControl.net (EN,ES,DE,PT) LabourNet (DE) Views since Feb 11, 2013 8313 Powered by Blogger. In http://www.viome.org/ 12/2/2013

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