domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2014

Regime Change In Cuba

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Normalization of relations with Cuba is not the result of a diplomatic
breakthrough or a change of heart on the part of Washington. Normalization is a
result of US corporations seeking profit opportunities in Cuba, such as
developing broadband Internet markets in Cuba.

Before the American left and the Cuban government find happiness in the
normalization, they should consider that with normalization comes American money
and a US Embassy. The American money will take over the Cuban economy. The
embassy will be a home for CIA operatives to subvert the Cuban government. The
embassy will provide a base from which the US can establish NGOs whose gullible
members can be called to street protest at the right time, as in Kiev, and the
embassy will make it possible for Washington to groom a new set of political

In short, normalization of relations means regime change in Cuba. Soon Cuba will
be another of Washington’s vassal states.

Conservatives and Republicans such as Peggy Noonan and Senator Marco Rubio, have
made it clear that Castro is “a bad man who turned an almost-paradise into a
floating prison” and that normalizing relations with Cuba will not “grant the
Castro regime legitimacy.”

Noonan forgets about Guantanamo, Washington’s offshore torture prison in Cuba
where hundreds of innocent people have been held and tortured for a large part
of their lives by the exceptional Americans. The Cuban Revolution intended to
free Cubans from foreign domination and from exploitation by foreign
capitalists. Whatever the likelihood of success, a half century of Washington’s
hostility has as much to do with Cuba’s economic problems as communist ideology.

The self-righteousness of Americans is extreme. Noonan is happy. American money
is now going to defeat Castro’s life work. And if the money doesn’t do it, the
CIA will. The agency has long been waiting to avenge the Bay of Pigs, and
normalization of relations brings the opportunity.

December 20, 2014

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